Threat Intelligence : an overview with reference to the present security needs


This talk emphasizes the integration of threat intelligence in the organizational security framework. The digitalization of the economy has led to an increase in cyber-attacks and data breaches as the adversaries exploit the risks and vulnerabilities of an organization’s security infrastructure. As companies set out to safeguard themselves from these attacks Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) proves to be a boon to their security framework. The fundamental objective of CTI is to keep the organizations informed about the advanced threats and exploits to which they are quite vulnerable in the current security scenario. It gives a detailed analysis of the nature of threats and adversaries and facilitates effective intelligence exchange and threat analysis. CTI is an optimal and necessary component of mitigation strategies for all the organizations that function in this evolving technical environment and more significantly the changing threat landscape. Designing an organization-centered CTI plan is an important step while incorporating threat intelligence in business. Implementing TI into the security posture of an enterprise involves directing actions by using intelligence to look at both past mistakes and loopholes in the security framework as well as for raising awareness about the future threats and risks. As firms expand and TI becomes a crucial component of daily security practices, intelligence departments may continue leveraging TI to anticipate future threats by shaping and implementing an organization-focused CTI program. The main objective of this session is to provide a comprehensive idea of CTI - its importance with respect to the present security needs.

Aug 22, 2020 7:30 PM
OWASP Banglore | Online
Aarushi Koolwal
Aarushi Koolwal
Cyber Security Enthusiast and Learner

A senior year student with an interest in cyber security, who writes and speaks about security-related topics.

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