Intern- Cybersecurity
Apr 2021 – Aug 2021
Developed penetration test case studies for specific clients based on the report. Wrote whitepaper and reference guides for NotSoSecure’s exclusive Basic Infrastructure Hacking and Basic Web Hacking courses. Produced SEO-based content for the NSS website and testing methodologies.
Apr 2021 – Present
Working on the null newsletter project.
Feb 2021 – Present
Code Vigilant project is created out of the need to have a more secure open source software. It is a known fact that a large number of users use opensource software but a very few of them contribute back in terms of identifying and making these opensource software a more secure piece of software.
Bhopal Chapter Lead
Dec 2020 – Present
The community’s ultimate objective is to encourage women to not only join the workforce armed with expertise, but also to empower them to speak up and actively contribute to the application security community.
Outreach Head
Dec 2020 – Present
WiCyS helps build a strong cybersecurity workforce with gender equality by facilitating recruitment, retention and advancement for women in the field. WiCyS offers mentoring, training programs, scholarships, virtual and in-person conferences, leadership series, career fairs, webinars, and more to women at all stages of their cybersecurity career journey!
Head Columnist
Sep 2020 – Present VIT Bhopal
Cyberzine is an initiative by the students and the erudite faculty of VIT Bhopal to give an insight into the complexity and complicacy of the cyber world, cyber threats, breaches, digital forensics, innovations, and discoveries. It is published annually by the department of cybersecurity and digital forensics at VIT Bhopal.